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Few rock bands are as widely diverse yet criminally accessible as American Supermodel. The four piece, (Vocalist/Guitar) Bryan Hess, (Guitarist/Vocalist) Steve Marotta, (Bass/Vocals) Bryon Sobtzak, (Drummer/Vocalist) Shane Cohn, seem destined for the big time with their irresistible blend of melodic harmonies, lush riffing, and stadium rock detours. A buzz began to develop in the Tampa and west coast of Florida areas among fans of cleverly crafted Rock N’Roll and tip of your tongue Power Pop.



ASM started as an idea from these childhood friends. After playing in various group incarnations and other bands over the years the four decided to make ASM a permanent line up and hit the studio. While writing and playing hundreds of shows, ASM has recorded many demos while trying to find their place. Bored with flavor of the month genres and flash in the pan scenes they have decided keep it simple and create strong lasting melodies and let the music steer them in the direction the song wants to travel. Sometimes campy and fun, sometimes brooding and thought provoking, ASM has put together a catalog of tracks that keeps you asking for more. Along with touring the east coast, a stint in Nashville, opening shows for numerous national acts, the group moves forward with a suitcase of ever expanding material and live performance tenacity that will be sure to open your ears. Like you cleanest dirty jeans, ASM is the perfect fit.



American Supermodel